Want to raise money for your organization? We’d love to help!

Here at Rolling Cow, our fundraising program is structured in a way to maximize the donation amount back to your organization. In our continuing effort to support the communities in which we serve, we invite you to host a fundraiser with us for the Spring 2020 semester!


1. Only one application submission per organization.

2. To apply, your organization must follow Rolling Cow on at least 1 of our social media pages.  (see links below)

3. If your organization was selected for a Fall 2019 fundraiser, you are not eligible to apply until the Fall 2020 semester.


1. Submit your completed application,  attach your organizations W9 form and send a copy of your logo via email  to We will not accept any applications without providing this information. 

2. If selected, you will receive a confirmation email on Monday, 02/03. At this point, we will finalize the fundraiser date and go over the final logistics for your event. 

3. Get the word out! Create and distribute an event flyer, promote your event on social media and bulletin boards. Alert your local newspaper, encourage your guests to bring family or friends; and don't forget to send out a reminder a few days before the fundraiser. (Make sure you tag us in your marketing posts so we can help spread the word)

4. Within 3 days after your scheduled fundraiser, you will receive an email containing the total amount raised and a pick-up date for the proceeds check.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I get a fundraiser set-up?


At the beginning of each semester, we will have a 1-week fundraiser application window. During this time, we invite any and all GWU organizations to apply. Please email the application,  a copy of your organization's logo and include a completed W9 form to (incomplete applications will not be accepted). Our Community Relations Specialist will review all applications and randomly select 5 organizations each semester. If your application is selected you will be contacted with additional details.


When can I host a fundraiser?

To continue with our tradition of #FundraiserFriday, all scheduled fundraisers will only be held on Friday's from 11:00am- 3:00pm.


How can I make my fundraiser a success?

The success of your fundraiser depends on the number of people that attend the event. It is vital that you utilize your current communication resources to distribute marketing material. Start your marketing early; the more awareness you bring to your event, the more successful it will be! 

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